HeCareth Ministry has several arms geared towards one goal, which is Building Strong Homes.

  1. Television Program: The television program airs once a week. If you live in Baton Rouge Area tune in to channel 96 or 20 COX Media Cable at 9:30pm every Friday night.

  2. Radio Program: We plan to start a 15min Radio program in Baton Rouge all geared towards strengthening family. Detailed will be posted on our website.

  3. National TV Program: The Lord has led it in our heart to re-activate our national TV program. We believe God for more provision this year to enable us to restart the program

  4. Marriage Enrichment Seminars: We plan to hold seminars in 10 cities in the United States this year. Dates will be posted on our websites under events so you can choose the city nearest to you to attend.

  5. Couple Banquet: The Ministry treats couples with special dinner night. Couples dress up and take pictures, usually a special night to enjoy your spouse. Plan to be with us in our next dinner. Click on Calendar for details.

  6. Abstinence Teaching Programs for Teenagers and Young Adults: We need to teach our young people what the bible says about premarital sex. We hold teaching seminars in churches and youth group across the country.

  7. Parental Skills Seminars in Churches Christian Groups: Parenting is a great responsibility. Many parents are struggling. We need to go back to biblical principles. It is only the Holy Spirit that can teach us how to raise our children.

  8. Marriage Seminar for Singles and Young Adults: Teaches singles and young adults how to position themselves for success in relationships.

  9. Medical Mission Trip (Plan to Join Us). To watch the video, scroll over the video and click the play button.

  10. Non Medical Mission Trip (Plan to Join Us).

As you can see, the ministry needs your support. Click on supporters and see how you can be a blessing.