God wants to heal and bless your family relationships.

The goal of the Ministry is to build strong homes. You can agree with us that satan is fighting and destroying homes all over the world including Christian homes. We must join to fight divorce in our homes. We hold seminars in Christian groups and churches across the country. We also offer counseling and prayer sessions for individuals and families corporately and privately as well. Please feel free to contact us.


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Many people wrestle with the challenge of finding out the best way to discuss this important subject of Abstinence and premarital sex with their young ones.

I would therefore encourage you to join this movement to build up the lives of our young people, uphold godly standard, and eradicate premarital sex in our society. To purchase the book click on link below https://amzn.to/3badhjh


Many couples often face challenges in their marital relationship. They start out so much in love and along the way, it feels like they are married to the wrong person. The flips flops between these feelings can pose significant difficulty in a relationship. The issues that confront and threaten the marriage institution are many and dynamic. They arise in various ways based on time, circumstances and people involved. This book will help couples understand the reason for the challenges and biblical solutions to these. It also emphasizes on the reasons God instituted marriage. Available in Paperback and on Kindle. To purchase the book click Here


The book you've been waiting for is here.

"Healthy Physical Intimacy for Married Couples"

Many couples are facing challenges in this area of physical intimacy (sexual relationship) and do not know how to find a solution due to either ignorance or the embarrassment attached to this issue. This book will help you overcome the common obstacles and prepare you to help other couples.

Do not die in silence. Order Your copy today.


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"The Importance of Giving"

This teaching is on the importance of giving and its role in bringing increase in your life.


"How to Order DVDs, CDs, or Books"

This video explains the process of ordering our products. Get step by step instructions on how to successfully place your order online or by mail.


This video talks about abstinence and its role in healthy relationships.

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This video talks about forgiveness and its role in healthy relationships.



"There is Hope for the Family"

This video encourages married couples to stay together instead of seeking to end their relationship when problems arise.

"Unconditional Love"

This teaching is about the importance of love in healthy relationships.


"Essential Tools For a Healthy Marriage"

This teaching gives the tools needed to build a healthy marriage.


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