God wants to heal and bless your family relationships.

The goal of the Ministry is to build strong homes. You can agree with us that satan is fighting and destroying homes all over the world including Christian homes. We must join to fight divorce in our homes. We hold seminars in Christian groups and churches across the country. We also offer counseling and prayer sessions for individuals and families corporately and privately as well. Please feel free to contact us.


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The book you've been waiting for is here.

"Healthy Physical Intimacy for Married Couples"

Many couples are facing challenges in this area of physical intimacy (sexual relationship) and do not know how to find a solution due to either ignorance or the embarrassment attached to this issue. This book will help you overcome the common obstacles and prepare you to help other couples.

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"I Want To Be a Blessing To My Family"

This DVD shows you how to become a blessing to your family, using Godly principles.


"How to Order DVDs, CDs, or Books"

This video explains the process of ordering our products. Get step by step instructions on how to successfully place your order online or by mail.

God's Plan for Your Marriage DVD

This DVD reveals what God intended marriage to be and provides a road map as to how you can get your marriage back on track.

"Choosing the Right Partner"

This DVD is all about choosing the right partner. Use this DVD as a step by step guide in finding that special someone that you desire.


This teaching is about the importance of abstinence. It uses scripture and biblical principles to instill celibacy.


"Raising Godly Children"

This DVD is a road map to raising children that fear God and walk in his ways.


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If you have a question about our ministry or would like to order DVDs, you may contact at the number below. May God bless you.

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